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Choosing an IT Support Company

Choosing an IT Support Company

IT SupportWhether you have just decided to outsource your IT Support or are looking to change provider, choosing the right company to work with can be a daunting and time consuming process.

Here are a few tips to help ease the process and demystify the  world of IT Support outsourcing.

Do Your Homework – make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, your budget, plans for the future.  Be honest with future providers about these things as they will determine the cover to offer.

What Level of Cover is Needed? – Think about which areas of IT are important to your business i.e email or printing?  What hours do you need cover and how long can you afford to be down before assistance reaches you?

Telephone, Remote or Onsite? – Do you want an all-inclusive insurance style policy – one fee covers everything – or can you live with remote and telephone support, paying extra for someone to come onsite if you need it?

Small and Local or Large and National – Do you need cover for multiple locations or just have a single office?  Do you want to work with a smaller local company where you will get to know all the Engineers and they get to know you or look to a larger national company who may have more enterprise level expertise but have many more engineers and lack that personal touch?

The Final Choice – Make sure you meet with all your providers.  They should want to visit your site and check what equipment they will be supporting.  Ask to see a sample contract to check the small print.  Try calling the helpdesk number to see how easy it is to contact the company (you may need to check if they have a designated contract telephone number).

Choosing an IT Support provider should not be a quick decision based purely on cost.  There is a lot to consider from both parties.

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