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Outlook – much more than Email!

Outlook – much more than Email!

Outlook 2013Many businesses use Outlook as their email client but how many of their Staff are using all the functionality? Many people get the Email functionality, after all, that’s usually what Outlook is installed and configured for, but what about all its other features?

Outlook is a complete communications and organisation tool, with Email accounting for about a quarter of its functionality. Let’s look at some of the other features!


The calendar allows users to schedule meetings and appointments, Diarynot only for yourself but for other people too – and they don’t even have to be in your organisation. Create a new meeting and complete the onscreen form to record time and location details as well as invite attendees and give details of the event itself. Then set a reminder for either a few minutes, hours or days before the start, which will pop up on screen and remind via any mobile devices that synchronise with your mail client.


Like an online To Do list, Tasks allow you to schedule different items, again for either yourself or other people, and keep track of progress and when items have been completed. You can include start and end dates, priority and % completion information as well as details of the task itself. From within the task you can also send status reports and then finally mark an item as compete when it’s done.


Hand holding a business cardThe contact list in Outlook is not just there for keeping track of email addresses! If completed in full, contact records can be used for creating labels and mail merges and even for instigating telephone calls if you have a compatible phone system or softphone.

You can group your contacts in Distribution Lists if there are people that you mail regularly and can also choose to share and forward contacts with other Outlook users.

Other features

There are plenty of other functions which can be used across all 4 areas of Outlook.

Categories can be used to colour code and group all Outlook objects. This can be useful if you want to see or search for all items related to a particular project, event or product.

Flags can be used to quickly set follow ups for all items and also mark as completed. This can be useful for shared mailboxes. If a person sees a mail to be actioned and is going to take ownership they can click on the flag to mark it and everyone can see that mail is being dealt with. When completed, it can be marked as such so everyone knows that particular enquiry has been dealt with.

OneNote is an application included with most of the modern office suits. It is like an electronic log book or journal and is a good place to collate information on particular projects or ideas. Any Outlook item can be sent to OneNote using the button on the toolbar.

If you would like to learn more about the features of Outlook, why not contact us about our custom training courses?