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Windows 8.1 Pro for Business

Windows 8.1 Pro for Business

With the end of support for Windows XP looming, many businesses are replacing their older PC’s and laptops to ensure compliance and maintain security.

Many Company owners and IT Managers are worried about the impact of Windows 8.1 Pro on their businesses. How will employees react to something that looks so different? Will training be required? Will existing software and hardware be compatible?

All are good questions which should all be considered in the early stages of planning an upgrade, however big or small. Many SME’s do not have an IT strategy with planned replacement of systems. They also often do not maintain support contracts with line of business applications, so a major upgrade every 5 – 10 years can become an expensive and protracted exercise with changes not only to PC’s and laptops but Servers, line of business applications and peripherals such as printers and scanners in order to maintain compatibility.

On the basis that existing line of business applications and hardware such as printers are compatible then businesses should not have any fears about moving to Windows 8.1 Pro. Yes, the design is a little different but, if moving from XP, users will need to get used to a new Operating System anyway.

There are also a lot of additional and new features that would be beneficial to most businesses.


BitLocker and BitLocker to Go provide a built in encryption solution for both the computer’s hard drive and also removable hard drives and USB sticks. This can be extremely useful if users must transport data via USB sticks or other removable media and also for laptops where they may contain data or links to a corporate network.

Assigned Access allows for a device to be locked down on a user basis to allow access to just one application. Upon logging in, that application opens and allows no other interaction with the system.

Remote Business Data Removal allows for data to be marked as Corporate, encrypted and then removed or made inaccessible when the relationship between the corporate network and that device ends.

If compatibility is an issue, then the licensing of Windows 8.1 Pro allow for the system to be downgraded to Windows 7 Professional (if supplied with a new PC or via Volume Licensing). If you do need to downgrade, make sure your new systems are supplied with Windows 8.1 Pro licenses and downgraded to Windows 7 Professional as this will give you the ability to upgrade later on when you are ready for Windows 8.1 Pro without having to purchase additional software licenses.

If you are looking to upgrade your systems or would like training for the new Windows and Office systems, please contact us and we would be pleased to help.