Services for Medium Sized Businesses

Services for Medium Sized Businesses

The medium sized business is generally between 10 and 50 staff, an established and growing business with some sort of IT infrastructure in place.

There is usually someone that looks after the computers and phones but it’s a role they have fallen in to rather than the job they are employed to do. IT issues are either fixed with a ‘sticking plaster’ as a temporary fix or end up in an emergency ‘fire fighting’ situation.

Regular maintenance tasks such as service packing, resource monitoring and backups don’t get done or take up a lot of an employees time.

The systems have often been bolted together over a long period of time rather than a structured IT plan being in place. This can lead to incompatibilities and emergency purchases which end up being expensive and have a negative impact on the business.

As businesses grow it’s important to put together a formal IT plan and budget. Planning enables you to budget for regular updates to your hardware and software so that you don’t get sudden expenditure when old systems fail or are beyond economic repair.

It’s also important to carry out those regular maintenance tasks to make sure your data is safe and secure and your systems are running as sweetly as they can be.

IT will fail and when it does you need to get up and running again as quickly as possible without sudden expenditure or major disruption.

ACS can help your business plan for the future, stay safe and compliant and provide fast access to a qualified team of engineers.

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