Services for Smaller Businesses

Services for Smaller Businesses

Small businesses have very specific needs with regards to technology. They also want to make sure that their chosen supplier offers them value for money, exceptional service and an understanding of their business and technology needs.

Just because you are a smaller company does not mean you want a lower level of service or can get away with lower spec. equipment or services, in fact the opposite is the case for organisations of less than 10 employees.

In our experience, the smaller the company, the more need you have for your equipment to work perfectly 24/7. You don’t have spare PC’s or printers you can use if something goes wrong so you need any problems sorted out fast.

You need to keep up with your competitors, so you need good communications and a professional image for your clients. Your systems and processes need to streamline your business so you save as much time as possible.

It is also probable that you and your staff will be out of the office quite a bit but you don’t want to lose contact with your customers or miss that vital sales enquiry, so you need to be alert to both voice and email messages and able to access your data from anywhere – securely.

As Microsoft Small Business Specialist, ACS can provide economical services and solutions to keep your systems running, provide help and support when you need it and implement systems to keep you in contact with your customers wherever you are.

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