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Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been the buzz word and future of computing for many years. The provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have been around for some time and you have probably been using it to some degree whether personally or professionally without realising – DropBox, BT’s online email service, Google Docs….

With the ever-increasing improvement in broadband connectivity throughout the country, subscribing to services such as VoIP telephone systems, remote file storage and online backup does not hold the same levels of trepidation as it did just a couple of years ago.

However, as with any project, panning is key and it is essential to ensure you have the correct infrastructure in place within the company to ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud, however big or small your project. ACS can help you from the initial concept and planning through the implementation to ongoing support. Some of our more popular cloud solutions are detailed below but please contact us to discuss your own requirements.

Hosted Exchange

With Microsoft ending the sale of Small Business Server a little while ago, businesses are now put in a dilemma when looking to replace their old SBS servers. Microsoft Server Essentials provides a suitable file and network server alternative but with no bundled solutions for smaller businesses for email or database servers the alternatives are to look at moving their email hosting to the cloud or investing in a full blown Windows Server with Exchange Server on premise. Moving your email to a hosted solution can be a very economical way forward. Click here to see what this entails and what the solution can provide.

Office 365

If your business is evolving and you are looking at migrating away from any significant on-premise IT, or maybe you are starting up and want to limit initial expenditure, Microsoft’s Office 365 can provide everything your business needs with regards to secure file storage, hosted email, mobile connectivity, web conferencing even your desktop applications.

ACS can manage your migration or initial setup, including confirming compatibility of your existing network setup and files for migration to cloud storage. Click here for more details on our Office 365 services and to get a free trial.

Virtual Desktop Environments

For larger companies that want to combine remote working with a secure network environment and line of business applications, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure may be a good solution. This provides a secure connection from external users to a remote desktop or Citrix infrastructure, which provides each user with a virtual desktop. They can work on this as if they were working on their own PC but with the security of knowing that no data is held locally and without having to access databases, accounts packages or other line of business applications over a remote connection, which can be terribly slow or incompatible. For move details on our VDI solutions, click here.

Remote Backup

Every company needs a secure backup and disaster recovery plan, whether you are a single user or a company of thousands. Smaller businesses traditionally have relied on an in-house system of tapes or removable USB drives to backup data to, taking these offsite in rotation to ensure that there is a copy of the company’s data held off the premises in case of fire, flood, theft or other disaster. However, this relies on somone onsite to physically change the tape or drive and remember to take previous backup with them. Remote backup services offer an automatic way to backup your systems, offsite, without any user intervention. Click here to see details of our remote backup services and register for a free trial.

VoIP and Hosted PBX Telephony

It’s not only your data services that can take advantage of hosted solutions. Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony has been implemented within buildings for some time, however, it is now getting more affordable and practical to use your Internet connection for your business calls rather than paying for expensive multiple lines for your telephones.

This can be integrated with an on-premise PBX, such as the Avaya IP Office, a software PBX like 3CX or a fully hosted system such as hosted 3CX or BabbleVoice. of course, these service are dependent on a reliable and stable Internet Connection (it doesn’t need to be particularly fast depending on how many concurrent calls you may have). Click here for more information.