Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup

We cannot stress enough how important it is for any business to have a backup plan in place.  Whether you are an individual or a multi-national company your data IS your business.

Data can be lost in a variety of ways.  The greatest threat is user error – accidentally overwriting or deleting files; but there is also hardware failure, data corruption, viruses and malware to contend with.

There are many different methods that can be used to backup your data – external hard drives, tapes, duplication of servers, copying data to cloud storage…

Whichever method you use it’s important that it is automated, checked daily to make sure it is working and tested to check data can be easily restored.  A copy of the data should also be held offsite to protect against Fire, Flood, Theft and crypto viruses (which can infect USB drives, therefore encrypting your backup!)

ACS offer our own cloud based backup service which can include files, email, databases and system state backups.  The system is fully automated and monitored, the backups are encrypted and we can perform initial seeding backups and restores via direct transfer rather than having to wait while data uploads / downloads over the Internet.

How it Works

We will discuss what needs to be backed up and the retention periods required, this allows us to assess the amount of storage required and provide a quotation.

Once agreed we will set up a trial account. install the backup software on your server and configure the backup jobs.

The initial backup will be completed to an external hard drive connected directly to the server.  Once completed we will collect the drive and copy the data to the backup server.

Future backup jobs then run as scheduled (generally overnight) and any changed / new files are added to the backup via the Internet.  Confirmation of all backups can be emailed to you but we also monitor the service continually and will advise of any issues.

In the event that a restore is necessary, we can remotely restore files for you on an individual basis, or you can manage this from your secure login to the service.  In the event of complete data loss we can copy the data to an external drive and deliver this to you so it can be copied on to new hardware or back to your server quickly.  Other options including DirectOpen (the ability to view and open files directly from the online portal without the need to restore) and restore to a Virtual Machine are also available.

Contact us to discuss your current backup and disaster recovery plan and get a quotation.