Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Imagine if you could access your office desktop from anywhere, on any device?  Work in the office, from home, from client sites, hotdesk, on the move without having to copy files or lose access to important applications?

Virtual desktops allow users to do just that – work from anywhere and have continuity of the files and applications available.

VDI’s can be set up on in-house servers or in hosted environments such as AWS or Azure.  An in-house environment offers full flexibility on the applications installed, integration with the existing company infrastructure and there is little in the way of ongoing subscription costs.  However the systems need to be maintained and there will be a significant initial outlay.

Subscription services such as AWS and Azure offer flexible options with regards to virtual hardware setup and can easily be scaled up and down depending on requirements, however you may be limited to the applications that can be installed and you will pay on a monthly basis either based upon the virtual hardware subscribed to and/or the usage during the month.

ACS have experience  of installing in house VDI environments and managing and configuring subscription services.  Please contact us to have a chat about which solution would be best for you.