Cookies on your browser

What are Cookies in your browser?
They are not programs; they don’t do anything. Cookies are text files, which can be read by users anytime on the Notebook program. Those files are stored on a computer and designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular user. That data allows the websites to tailor pages according to previous cookies saved on their computer. They usually contain two pieces of information in the text files; a site name and unique user ID.

How do Cookies work?

When visiting sites, cookies are downloaded onto the PC and next time you visit that site they will be found by your PC and used again. As a result of that, it will send information from that cookie to the website, so it knows you have been there before. This then enables the website to tailor displayed pages according to that information.

Can I see my cookies?

If you’re curious about what cookies you have on your computer, you can easily view them! Most browsers will allow you to do that on their configuration screen, where also you can delete them. If your browser doesn’t offer that, there’s also a way to find cookies on your computer files. Folders containing cookies are usually stored in your browser’s folder or subfolder. You can easily look at those files simply by finding those folders.

All the good stuff about cookies…

The overall role of cookies is so you can have a better and tailored to your needs, browsing experience. From colour schemes of pages to what you put in your shopping cart. Some claim that without cookies, online shopping would be much harder.

Can’t be all good, the downsides of cookies…

Cookies have been very controversial when first introduced. Not everyone will feel good about having little files track your every move online. Therefore, the downsides are up to how an individual feels about them. Main concern users had up to date with cookies is that their name will be added to marketing and target lists for some special offers.

The government introduced a new law in May 2012 to control the use of cookies.  That law states that every site using cookies has to seek permission from users to store any information from your machine or your browsing habits, therefore websites will draw your attention to cookies, so you can make the decision.
What do you thin about cookies? Are they something that you accept or deny them? Share us your thoughts in comments!