Once a business gets beyond 2 or 3 people then we would advise that they put some sort of server system in place.

What is a Server? A Server is a computer that acts as a central hub for your network. It can control security, manage files, share resources and host applications such as email servers and file sharing software among other things.

A Server can be a physical box within your office or a virtual server which you connect to via the Internet. Even companies that subscribe to hosted servers will benefit from a local server for file sharing, device sharing and security.

ACS build servers to suit our customers requirements. A server needs to be resiliant and up to the job it’s required to do, with room for expansion. It should not be a ‘suped-up PC’. That does not mean it has to be expensive but we would encourage customers to think about their requirements carefully and implement hardware suitable for their needs. There is nothing worse than implementing a new piece of hardware and it not meeting expectations a little while down the line because it is not up to the job.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows Server is Server 2019. This is available in 3 versions depending on the size of your business and your requirements.

All versions allow integration with the Cloud, whether that is by utilising 3rd party hosting such as Office 365, or creating your own Private Cloud for your users to work remotely.