Coronavirus and ACS Technologies Preparations 

The number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK is increasing and is likely to increase further over the coming weeks.  ACS Technologies wish to reassure our clients that we are prepared for what might happen whilst keeping things in perspective.

We have educated our staff on where to obtain the latest Government advice and will keep them updated with important developments.  We have also informed them of the symptoms and the Government advice should they feel unwell or become concerned about the health of themselves or a close family member.

As a Company, ACS are assessing how we can minimise the risk to our employees and clients in the event that the virus continues to spread.  Currently, we will continue to carry out our usual business and engagements.

In the event that the Government raises the threat level we will do some or all of the following:

  • Limit site visits to emergency situations only – ie where a client is completely down or their business is severely impaired by a physical fault.  In the case of a site visit, where possible, this will be to collect faulty equipment and return to the office for repair rather than implement a fix onsite.
  • Carry out Sales and Marketing activities remotely by video link or phone call
  • Take all deliveries and collections downstairs to restrict access to the office
  • Allow staff members to work from home.  All our staff have secure, remote connectivity to all our business systems if required.

Our aim is to keep to as normal a service as possible for our clients, however, we must also keep the safety of our staff, clients and suppliers in mind at all times.

If you would like any assistance in planning for business continuity and remote working for your staff or have any concerns at all please speak to any of the ACS Team.