Broadband & Leased Lines


Whether you just require basic connection to the internet for web access and email, have remote offices that need to talk to each other or need to be connected whilst on the move ACS Technologies can provide a connectivity solution for your needs.

These days there are many different options including standard ADSL broadband, fibre connections, mobile broadband and even satellite links, it can be difficult to find the right solution and provider.

As an independant solutons provider we are free to recommend the best product for your needs – not the one we are being paid the most commission on!

Broadband Services

DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines) are the most comon form of connection now found in the UK. There are many versions available including ADSL, SDSL, VDSL and the list continuous to grow on a monthly basis as different providers add theirservices to the portfolio.

The speed and contention ratios will vary between providers and is also related to your location as the signal degregates the further away you are from the exchange. Different providers also have their own equipment at exchanges whch can also effect the quality of service provided.

ACS can check which services and providers are available for your office location and recommend the best solution for your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Leased Lines

If you need reliable, fast data communications between your offices then leased line solutions may be best. They offer a non-shared point to point connection between locations with up to 100% availability targets by some providers.

Suitable for all types of business from SME’s through to service providers and corporates, leased line services offer guaranteed speed and availability when downtime simply isn’t an option.

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Mobile Broadband

Just because you are out of the office doesn’t mean that your business stops as well. These days clients and prospects expect fast responses to emails, voicemail and communication. Can you afford to spend 48 hours without email or voicemail if you’re on a 2 day training course?

Free WiFi is still not prevelant in the UK. Many hotels and conference centres run their own networks with exorbetent charges for a few minutes access and do you really want to walk down the road to that coffee shop when you could be catching up on work in the comfort of your room?

Mobile broadband doesn’t have to be expensive and, if you are on the right tarriff, can be incorporated with your mobile phone to offer a complete mobile communications solution.

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