Domain Names & Hosting

Domain Names & Hosting

One of the things that takes us time when taking over a Company’s IT support is finding out what is in place with regards to hosting.

With most companies there are 3 things that will be hosted externally –

  • Domain Name(s) – or
  • Email services
  • Website(s)

It is surprising how many times company’s simply do not know who they are paying for these services or how much!

As well as providing a wide range of hosting services, ACS can also help to bring all your hosting together in one simple package.

Domain Names

Most companies these days have registered a suitable domain name or maybe multiple domains to represent their company name, products and services.

Domains are registered for a set period of time and it is important not to miss your renewal date or you may find that your email or website stops working or in the worst case, it is purchased by someone else!

It is important that you know who is managing your domain as they will need to make changes should your email or website hosts change. It is also important that when you register a domain name that it is associated with your own company and not the person or organisation you have instructed to register it.

ACS Technologies can manage and register domains for our customers and our hosting services include the registration and renewal of a domain name. We can also ensure that you are using your domains for both email and the web effectively. Please contact us for more information.

Email Accounts

The type of email account you require will depend on the way that your company sends and receives mail. Do you have a server solutions (either hosted or on premise) or do you download emails directly to your PC?

Do you require external mail scanning for viruses and spam to reduce the load on your systems?

ACS can provide a range of accounts at affordable prices. Please Contact us for more details.

Web Hosting

Whether you have a simple brochure site, a complex database site or a full blown e-commerce service you need to make sure your hosting is reliable and flexible. ACS offer a range of hosting packages which can be tailored to your needs.

We can also provide Website design and management services, from a simple holding page to SEO and pay-per-click campaigns.  Please Contact us  to discuss your requirements.