Encryption & Data Security

Encryption & Data Security

Businesses often underestimate the value of the data they hold.  many companies may feel that their data is not particularly sensitive and that no one would want it anyway, however, every business has a legal right to protect the data they hold on clients, prospects, suppliers and personnel as well as protecting their own interests.

A large percentage of data breaches can be out down to human error – not necessarily malicious, so having systems and protection in place to prevent against data loss or data getting in to the wrong hands is essential.

This can range from encrypting laptops and mobile devices and implementing a mobile device policy, which enables lost or stolen devices to be remotely wiped and not accessed by a third party, to prevention of certain data being copied to removable devices or emailed.

Multi factor authentication can also help accounts being hacked or accessed by unauthorised users.

Importantly, these systems need to be easily implemented, administered and monitored.  incorrect application can lead to user frustration or staff trying to bypass processes because they stop them doing their job or are too cumbersome.

ACS Technologies can work with you to design and implement the right security solution for your business and educate staff both on the use and also on general security best practice.  We partner with ESET to offer a wide range of solutions including encryption, email protection, mobile device protection and Data Loss prevention.  Contact us today for a chat about your requirements.