Hardware & Software Firewalls

Companies often underestimate the amount of traffic which comes in and out of their network every day via their Internet connection.  That connection, whether it be ADSL, Fibre or dedicated connectivity, is effectively open to the world and is open to being scanned, attacked and probed by genuine and malicious traffic.

A correctly configured firewall at the edge of your network provides and initial barrier against this traffic, blocking unwanted items before they even get to your network.

This can range from correctly implementing the basic firewall functionality on your router, through to dedicated hardware or software firewalls which can interrogate individual packets of data to block ransomware, malware, and unwanted content within emails, attachments and web sites.

They can also be configured to prevent malicious internal traffic leaving your network.  That might be from a virus within the network, spamming email, users visiting websites they shouldn’t or confidential data leaving the organisation via the Internet.

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