Being able to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers, prospects and colleagues is an essential part of any business.  ACS can assist companies in all areas of their telecoms and communications from traditional PBX systems to VoIP solutions, mobile telecoms and the associated lines.

Traditional PBX

A traditional PBX system uses analogue or ISDN lines which connect to a physical box.  The ‘box’ can then be configured as required with users, extensions and features.  Some systems incorporate voicemail and/or link with software to offer additional functionality.  ACS recommends the Avaya IP Office, which offers a combination of traditional and VoIP solutions.  Click here for more information.

VoIP and Hosted PBX Services

VoIP solutions utilise internet connectivity to make and receive calls rather than traditional analogue or ISDN lines.  The functionality can be managed by a software PBX system such as 3CX or a solution hosted managed by the provider.  Click here to read about our VoIP solutions.

Through our preferred provider, the Co-Op Business Telecoms group, ACS can provide all types of lines and connectivity, from traditional lines through to EFM, FTTP and dedicated leased lines.  Contact us for more information and to find out what is available in your location.